How do we make sure that we source today’s coffee in a way that ensures we have enough coffee in the future? How do we support those farmers that grow coffee? Those are questions that occupy a lot of our time at Safari Coffees. We want to make sure that our beans are cultivated responsibly, using methods that don’t just take care of the people who make them but also the world we are living in. We value coffee that’s made with respect the environment.
This is why we source 100% sustainable coffee.

The world increasing demand for coffee beans is currently at a high level which in theory should mean good news for the farmers; however farmers are still struggling to feed their family. `We are committed in ensuring that farmers are paid a fair price for their product. Making sure there’s enough beans in the future isn’t simply about helping farmers grow more beans in short term. It’s about address the complex challenges that farmers face in their everyday lives. By paying premium price for the beans farmers are improving their incomes are able to focus on sustainability. Replacing the ageing unproductive crops with new plans and adopting sustainable farming practices.