The coffee industry relies very heavily upon those who are at the very beginning of the supply chain, the farmers. Despite this, most farmers receive only a very small percentage of the final price of a bag of roasted coffee. When we started Safari Coffee we wanted to form a transparent trade model that would guarantee us the best quality coffee beans and guarantee the farmer payment that meets their hard work and effort in producing that better quality. It goes without saying that producers must be paid accordingly in order to take an interest in raising standards.

At Safari Coffee we are not just happy buying the best coffees on the market or knowing where they come from, we are looking for something more. We want to be transparent from the coffee farm to the coffee in your cup. Sharing the information’s with our partners, customers is a key in building trust, long term relationship, to impact meaningful changes in the coffee supply chain. While the sharing of transparent information won’t move mountains it is in a sense a social responsibility to share as much information as possible, so that consumers have a more informed point of view, which would help them in making a better purchasing decision. In sharing this information, we are informing our consumers about the prices we are paying for our coffee beans, and how much the farmers are actually receiving for their coffee. This is the way to go as we believe that being transparent is in the interests of coffee sustainability. We are more than happy to share these information’s with you upon request.